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Joe Manekin - Keyboards (inactive) (

A native of Northwest Baltimore, Manekin is a classically trained piano player who joined Johnstone in September 2002.  Though he also plays guitar and bass, Manekin quickly figured out that there is a shortage of keyboard players and decided to focus on the keys.   Joseph recorded/performed on all JohnStone albums to date including "Eyes Open" and "innocent Children". His musical taste is eclectic:  if its good music then he probably digs it.  Some reggae keyboard influences include  Jackie Mittoo, Tyrone Downie, Gladdy Anderson and many others.  A few other players Manekin admires include  Herbie Hancock, Robert Walter, and of course Stevie Wonder. 

While he is a relative newcomer to the reggae game, Manekin knows how to play.  He previously played keys with The People, a Northern Virginia-based roots reggae band.  With Johnstone, Manekin provides classic piano and organ, while also adding some unique flavor with various vintage and new sounds.

As a Baltimore native, University of Maryland alum and D.C. area resident, Manekin truly loves the area, and looks forward to contributing to the richness and diversity of live music in the D.C. and Baltimore area.

Joseph has moved to the San Francisco bay area and occasionally records and collaborates with the band.  

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